Top 6 Amazing Water Parks In Lonavala

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Best Water Parks In Lonavala

Adlabs Aqua Imagica ranks first for Water Parks in Lonavala, offering a range of water activities, such as Boomeranggo, Soakerz, Twisty Turvy, etc. This vibrant destination is the perfect water park for families traveling with children by giving way to enjoy the tremendous entertaining slides.

Additionally, it is only the water Park in  Maharashtra that provides entry to visitors of various abilities who are finding an equal desire for adventure. The staff provide panic-free entertainment for all their passengers with trained lifeguards and appropriate protection precautions.

Adlabs Aqua Imagica provides various styles of restaurants at their own convenience for those who have a passion for food. From burger to pizza, fresh juice to mocktails, and street food to oriental, you can find your appetizing dish and dine with your friends.

Whether you’re looking to book for a school excursion or a business get-together, Adlabs Imagica has fantastic facilities to deliver such as several indoor venues, forty plus rides and attractions, and last but not least a wonderful location for fun.This is one of the best water parks in lonavala.


Wet N Joy Water Park

Welcome to the biggest water parks in Lonavala. To those that rely on excitement, get your hands on some of the fun attractions that Wet N Joy Water Park has to bring. 

The Water Park is built to look like a heaven on hot water. Featuring unregulated cyclones, whizzard racing and master blaster encircling, you’ll fall in love with its friendly current and plenty of chill-out locations inside the Park.

We never want to get out of this Fungama when it comes to little ones. Similarly, the children and babies who have small droplets and splashes of water are likely to carry those sweet memories with them. 

Not yet enthused? Here comes the Rain Dance to inspire you with limitless music and pleasure. You can’t stop your muscles from partying with the greatest DJs, and the cheerful disco.

To boys and girls, this occurrence has different timings; thus boys just can’t have all the fun. Upon getting muddy, seek to chill and roll down those relaxing rides like the mad water. 

It’s floating tubes with uneven waves, gliding you around and around and introducing you to its aquatic creatures.

Kumar Resort Water Park

Kumar Resort and Water Park are among the most sought-after water parks in Lonavala, where many domestic and national travelers flock to this location. 

This location holds 11 special water slides for all age classes, from the children to well-built adults. These are also six kinds of indoor pools with live bands,That gives the vacationer a wonderful feeling.

You’re offered with a free gaming zone voucher worth Rs. 40, for game lovers. Many of the fun attractions feature dashing bikes, air hockey, pool tables and so on. 

It’s no wonder why, kids with their outstanding abilities to win prizes don’t want to abandon this paradise.The noteworthy services include different styles of banquets that fulfill several roles, such as dinners, wedding ceremonies, and so on, along with mouth-watering cuisines and desserts. 

There are many exclusive offers on an overnight stay given to students or corporate groups on a one-day excursion.

Fariyas Resort Water Park

A waterpark inside a 5 Star Resort premise? Looks seductive and dreamy right? Well, Fariyas Resort has made this dream a reality by introducing an outdoor water theme park called “Wild Waters” which is also one of a kind among all the waterparks in Lonavala.

It is built on the basis to provide tremendous entertainment to their guests and clients. The waterpark offers a world of entertainment with the gleeful water slides and a whole bunch of other cool activities for the guest staying at the property.

In addition, the Resort also has several food options within its campus to serve the hungry stomachs after a full day of fun and entertainment. 

Fariyas Resort is also considered to have one of the best inhouse water parks in Lonavala. 

MTDC Water Park Karla

Are you a thrill-seeking gang, hunting for an fun water park? Look no further. MTDC Karla Water Park is here to give you the greatest experience on water rides. 

This large water park covers a vast area, with varied rides for tourists of all types. With awe-inspiring sensation, the beautiful swimming pool and other dashing trips will convince you and refresh your memories.

It is one of the budget friendly water parks in lonavala.Make sure you wear a swimming costume, which is mandatory, before preparing on water trips. 

Family tourists who want a feeling of enjoyable water parks at affordable prices should come and satisfy their love for the escapade.

It has become common among families with children and couples with the minimal crowd. 

This place is a Royal treat for foodies. Several hot snacks can be consumed at affordable rates within the park. You can also go out for lunch and enjoy either delicious street food or spicy, rich cuisine.

Picaddle Resort Water Park

Picaddle Resort has a tiny water park in Lonavala with 6 slides, which is a great place to plan corporate picnics, annual school excursions and family get-togethers.

This spot is a package of pure happiness that stays up with the pledge to offer exuberant and exciting moments. Unravel to enjoy the aqua- bonanza in the water slides and dance your heart out while the DJ plays your favorite songs. 

Put on your swimwear and prepare for Engross in unlimited fun whilst splashing with your circle in the water.Visitors can dip into the swimming pool’s blue waters to soothe their souls with live upbeat music in the background.

People who are searching for some fun events should check out the water slides and the arena for rain dance. The Resort has 65 rooms and 3 Restaurants & 1 Lounge bars, as well as Spa and indoor sports.

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