Villas with Swimming Pool in Lonavala

5 BHK Comfortable private bungalow with on site parking, full size bed, bath. A refrigerator with a microwave and eating area.  meals provided INR 1000 Per Person. Best Luxury Villas in Lonavala. 500 meters from Lonavala Station, and 100 meters from OldMumbai Pune Highway. Air conditioned, 32 inch tv with cable and Free Wifi . Located adjacent to Dreamland Hotel on adjacent street the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet. A short walk will take you to the city center Near Kumar Resort. Click here to Book Best Villas in Lonavala.

Classic Premium from just about every standpoint can only be described as spectacular 4 BHK Villas in Lonavala. Designed in the epicenter of the mountains, the massive villa features panoramic views. It has a humongous bonfire  lawn and a BBQ field. Every possible concept in the villa has been embraced, from the splendid entrance through to the full sized parking space, a swing terrace & more. Each of the four bedrooms has a distinctive theme, with two master suites and a well equipped living space.This is one of the Best Luxury Villas in Lonavala

Luxury Villas in Lonavala

Royale Villa

Royale is a large and pristine villa from all walks of life and is a great stay for everyone. This Luxury Villas in Lonavala is surrounded by the gold valley mountains that send you an exciting sunrise view and, to complement it, we serve a mouthwatering breakfast at our unique garden area. The Villa flaunts a huge swimming pool, leaving you awestruck with its sumptuous feel and huge capacity. Villa Royale is suitable for private outdoor pool parties. The bright lights and ambience can render our finest hospitality and amenities a success for your events. This is Best 4 BHK Villas in Lonavala with Pool.

Villas in Lonavala Aashiyana Imperial Villa

Imperial Villa

One of the Amazing 4 BHK villas in Lonavala is Imperial Villa. Imperial is a beautiful villa that gives you timeless elegance whilst you stay. It is the perfect place for luxurious lifestyle with breathtaking views. To give you a perfect experience it has a mini downpour swimming pool. The coruscating lights give you a breathtaking view of the villa you need to see, to be appreciated. Luxury Villas in Lonavala – Royal interiors offer you a magnificent, peaceful look. Sought for its location, this place gives you a homely atmosphere which makes it a palatial home.

Villas in Lonavala Aashiyana Supreme Villa

Supreme Villa

Villas in Lonavala with Indoor Pool. Yes 5 BHK Supreme is setting an example of a splendid villa for a blissful and pastoral stay. The giant villa has an huge enclosed pool that is very hard to locate anywhere. There is also a terrace along with indoor charm which gives you a fascinating view of beautiful lonavala. Ideal for corporates and bachelors, in terms of service, luxury and food, this place serves as an all rounder.Our experienced chefs can make your favourite cuisine. You will have a wonderful time with your mates and colleagues with Rooftop Gazebo leaving you with memories to be remembered forever. Book your Luxury Villas in Lonavala Today !!!

Villas in Lonavala

Mirage Villa

Mirage is a beautiful, luxury 5 BHK villas in Lonavala. Located between the foothills of the breathtaking valleys of Lonavala, it is the ideal holiday spot with an abundance of lavish facilities. Comprising a spacious living space, 5 well-appointed bedrooms out of which 2 are with private decks and 3 are with attached bathrooms. Get a wonderful view of nature paradise as Mirage has a beautiful green garden in the mountains, ideal for family hangouts. It also has a rooftop terrace where you can watch evening sunsets, a chill-by swimming pool and a grill to relax throughout the summer. All This amenities make it one of the Best Luxury Villas in Lonavala.

Villas in Lonavala

Infinity Villa

Spectacular Villas in Lonavala Infinity is situated in a beautiful valley, this rich private bungalow has some truly amazing panoramic views. 5 BHK Infinity villa has ample scope to deliver luxury & premium facilities. In fact, a wonderful way to spend an enjoyable & flawless excursion with your family and companions!. A large swimming pool, to Stay rejuvenated throughout the day after the  plunge. Relax on the rooftop garden and witness the evening’s stunning sunsets while you drink some hot tea. Feel the Luxury at this Villas in Lonavala

Villas in Lonavala Aashiyana Platinum Villa

Platinum Villa

Fabulous 4 BHK villa surrounded by the beautiful hills of Lonavala is perfect for relaxing getaways. It has a lush green lawn for children’s play zone, great outdoor chitchat seating arrangements, a massive swimming pool where you can chill all day long and get away with all the heat. An open terrace offering spectacular mountain views, a beautiful view of the sunset while sipping a hot cup of coffee. This massive, spacious villa has fully furnished rooms with all the latest facilities that can comfortably fit up to 15 guests. Treat yourself to the exquisite food, cooked especially for you according to your palate buds. You may even schedule a friendly Barbecue party for yourself.