Top 10 Places To Visit in Lonavala

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  • Lions Point

There are many Places To Visit in Lonavala but if you’re interested in a spectacular view of the hills and nature then visit Lions Point Lonavala. You reach Lions Point almost 15 min drive from Lonavala through hill and good roads.The Road is good and crowded during the holidays and weekends, during the rainy season particularly. Quite strong winds and a dangerous spot after rainfall. If you love nature then you will dam love this place.

Nice among all fans of photography. Ample parking available but you need to pay for it. This location has a lot of temporary street food but not sustained framework. 

Lions point is one of Lonavala’s most-visited places. The position of Lions point is like a station in the hills. You will get the greatest look of space. Winter and rainy season is the best time to visit this place. 

Lions Point is a prominent holiday attraction in Lonavala, and offers extremely good valley views. If you look intently, you can see a tiger’s impact trying to leap across the valley, that’s why the point of view has earned its name which is also called Tigers Leap. 

Another spotlight at this level is the echo created by rocks dropping into the crevasse. At the close of the monsoon, the perfect time to explore. It is covered with dense fog during peak monsoon, in fact cloudy. Typically busy but a nice spot for all on weekends. Broad range, stunning landscapes with location Lonavala top most level.

At Lions point you can have Maggie, Chai and Snacks.Tag your photos on Facebook.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Bhushi Dam

  • Places To Visit in Lonavala Bhushi Dam3

Bhushi Dam is one of masonry dam in Lonavla. This dam is located on the Indrayani river. Bhushi Dam is situated on the way to Lions point. To enjoy the beauty of this place you must visit only during rainy season.

The Bhushi Dam is not less than a trek – full of water logging, mud and you need to  walk through narrow lane of road side dhabas and small souvenirs shop through uneven stones. 

But then, after such trek what comes before eyes is so worth it, defines it’s beauty in its own way. Bhusi dam overflows during rains and forms sort of water fall. One can sit for some time with your feet dipped in water and enjoy. 

The view is awesome, water is crystal clear and it looks like an open water park for tourists.During heavy rains water overflows and people from all nearby places visit this place making it huge crowd.

The  beauty of Bhushi Dam you can not even imagine in any of your thoughts but with the view, it will completely intoxicate you with cheerfulness and joy. Your mind rejuvenates and it’s hard to believe that a place so close to nature exists so near to Mumbai. 

It is a paradise for monsoon season lovers especially families with little kids. 

you need  to carry extra clothes in case you get wet. Avoid visit to this place other then rainy season else you will not be able to appreciate this place. It is located just on the road. This spot is open through out the day time with free entry.

Paid parking is available. Cars are also parked on the sides of the road.This dam has some shops and eateries on it’s sides.

This place is most famous in Lonavala & located at 6 km from Kumar Resort junction in Lonavala on old Pune Mumbai road. 

This dam is an ideal place for families, couples as well as friends. It is a must visit and should not be missed while in city as it is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala Lake

  • places to visit in lonaala-lonavala lake

Lonavala lake is very beautiful lake, surrounded by mountain. The scenery is heart warming, If you love adventurous and trekking place then you will love this spot. The mountain, the calm lake and surrounding atmosphere is great to view which will make your day. During rainy season beauty of this place is worth enjoying. The views are brilliant and the vibe nice.

If you plan to do bird photography near Lonavala this is the place where you should be in January/February as the lake drains out and you can literally walk through photographing birds at various spots where water still remains. water birds and raptors are seen in good numbers

Lonavala Lake is Located approximately 3 kms from lonavla station, and only 2.5 km from Kumar Resort junction in Lonavala on old Mumbai Pune road. Lonavala lake offers a great spot to just park your car, relax enjoy the views, catch a vada pav, bhutta from the vendors here. Access to lake is blocked so you cannot go to the lake shore, it is out of bound for tourists. 

This is a nice picnic place. One should visit the nearby points and then come here to relax. Visitors on the way to Bhushi Dam or Tiger Point usually take a short halt here on the bridge to have look at the beautiful serene green views around. On the bridge there are street hawkers selling corns, ice cream, soda drinks etc.

Atmosphere is cool and calm. Try visiting on weekdays if you are planning to have a bunch of photos for your insta. One can feel positive vibes and silence here . This place is amazing . One should go atleast once in a lite .Best Places to Visit in Lonavala.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Sunset Point

  • Places to visit in lonavala sunset point1

Sunset point is one of the highly spoke tourist spot in Lonavala wherein you reach picturesque side and have a beautiful view of hills. At Sunset point you can have a great view of Lonavala and offer much bigger landscape than nearby attraction. If the weather is clear you can see the lake and waterfall with a river running in the valley.

Sunset point is located in the Western Ghats’ Sahyadri Range and offers a fascinating view of both the sunrise and the sunset. It also serves as the perfect spot to enjoy the trekking venture, due to the higher elevation. It never fails to draw tourists who come to Lonavala to explore.

This is a good place to get good views, but it doesnt offer much beyond that. The drive up to the point is nice, but difficult, full of sharp turns and foggy roads.At the place you can have bhajias and other assorted snacks along with hot and cold beverages. There is also shisha available during non rainy season.

Great place to be. Best time to visit is an hour before the sunset. You can laze around while you enjoy the scenery around you, see the sun going down, and finally experience the clear view of the sunset. Worth repeat visits!! 

The awesome views from the sunset point are cherry on cake. However, even for those, who do not have ability to trek more (senior citizens, etc.) can stay for an hour or 2 and enjoy the environment around.

For those visiting from outside Pune/Maharashtra, should definitely have Sunset point in top 5 when they visit Lonavala. This is one of the best places to visit in lonavala.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Narayani Dham

  • places to visit in lonavala Narayani Dham

The Temple of Narayani Devi is situated at Lonavala. One of the most popular locations in Lonavala is the temple Narayani Dham. This temple is India ‘s cleanest location, and one of the quietest areas. When in Lonavala, one must visit this beautiful temple that has three deities, Lord Ganesh, Narayani mata and Hanuman. Every deity has a pujari to perform pooja and shower the blessings and give prashad.

The main temple is raised one level above the ground and open both sides giving a magnificent view of the nearby mountains etc. The ceiling has murals. The pillars and marble floor of the spacious temple hall are Spock and span. The ceiling has great paintings.It’s spread over a very big area with a large garden.In evening it looks very good with fountains & lights. Also it has a big playing area with swings & slides for kids.

They even have Gaushala One can even Donate Food for cows as per their charges mentioned.its the best places to visit in Lonavala.

Narayani dham is perhaps the most economical place to stay and eat in Lonavala with reference to the facilities they offer. The complex has stay facility too in cottages and apartments type accommodation

There are rooms for people to stay, a banquet hall for functions, a dining hall where you can take breakfast or meals.The property has around 90 rooms. The rooms are spacious and boasts of all basic amenities like 24-hour hot water, AC, TV, towel and soap – the necessary things that any person would ask for. you can also book other Resorts in Lonavala for Your Stay.

Lunch and Dinner coupons can be availed at their office at Rs 105. They serve pure veg buffet meals. Breakfast is at Rs 63 and high-tea at Rs 50 – both include tea/coffee.They don’t use onion or garlic in food. It is simple homely food without excess ghee, butter, cheese or masala. The food is open to everyone. You just have to buy the coupons well in advance. Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Rajmachi Garden

  • places to visit in lonavala rajmachi garden2

Rajmachi Garden is the best place to visit in lonavala. Rajmachi Garden is located on old Pune Mumbai road on the way towards khandala ghat on the right side just next to Khandala Police Station, from this point Khandala ghat road starts descending down.

There is No Entry Fee. You can see the beautiful valley and hills, you can also see,  Mumbai Pune Expressway and a Bollywood star’s Villas in the distance. Rajmachi Garden is at the top of Lonavala from where you can have a picturesque view of Green deep Valley. In the rainy season you will be in the clouds, amazing places to visit in Lonavala.

You can have a beautiful and Mind blowing view of Kune waterfalls in front of you.One can spend at least an hour here without getting bored. There are many monkeys around. You may feed them or simply admire them. A little ahead of Rajmachi Garden is the Sunset Point so immediately after visiting this garden the people walk down 100 meter distance to view eye pleasing sunset from sunset point.

You have many food stalls selling biscuits, corn, Maggi, and other snacks. Try to visit near sunset time.This place attracts a huge crowd during evening especially on weekends.In rains you can have a bite of hot roasted corn with lemon n salt.The Experience is amazing.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Wax Museum

  • places to visit in lonavala wax museum

Several wax museums are Located close to the entrance of Lonavala. Most wax museums cover wax sculptures from several walks of life-culture , social work, history, architecture , literature, pop music, and so on

Every time you visit wax museum, you’ll find new wax statue added to the museum. Rajnikanth’s one was good. Less crowded, moved now to a new location. Must visit Lonavala square. 

Don’t equate museums to other museums around the globe. It is an art that should be recognized and valued

The wax museum is an attraction spot. The kids feels happy to see the celebrity as they seems to be real to them. You can take pics with them. It is advisable to visit this place while returning home from Lonavala

There are wax statues of, Mahatma Gandhi, B R Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda, Kapil Dev, Charlie Chaplin, Saddam Hussein, Narendra Modi etc.In addition, the museums also exhibit images of  Sai Baba and Jawahar Lal Nehru, along with other prominent singers, politicians and social workers’ wax models.

Entry Fee Rs.100/- for Adults and Rs. 75/- for Children above 5 years.Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Pavna Lake

  • places to visit in lonavala pavna lake 1

This is one of the Best Places to visit in Lonavala cause Pavna Lake ‘s surroundings are absolutely breathtaking. It is in the middle of a incredible natural beauty. I would certainly highly advise every tourist in Lonavala to visit this location. Pavna Lake is a great place for a one day outing with family and friends. Also a great place for one night camping. Many agencies arrange a tent to stay in winters. Very beautiful and serene place. One could spend hours near the silent water body. The scene is the best part over here for some amazing pictures

The road to reach Pavna Lake is bumpy and it’s advisable to go with an experienced driver. During monsoon, the road may get even more difficult to drive. The area is some what remote so better to come in a group and during the daytime if you don’t want to camp there.

you can carry some extra pair of clothes so that you could have small swim. I would suggest you to avoid to wear shorts because there’s a lot of mosquitoes.

The tents over there are neat and clean with blankets and bedsheets provided. The food is unlimited and okay for both Veg and Non-Veg, with the barbeque being the standout performer,you can do barbeque on your own. Kanda-Bhajis and Tea is also unlimited. Food is good just like homemade. you can even dance in the night as music goes on the whole time. There are common washrooms which are clean.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Karla Caves

  • Karla Caves Lonavala

Karla caves are amongst the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India, built from a granite hillside. It is situated at Karla on the Pune-Mumbai highway, and if reports are to be believed, these are only a few of the dozens of other caves found in Sahyadri Hills.

Carved almost 2000 years ago, this place is a vast array of lovely Chaityas (halls) and Viharas (monasteries) focusing on a journey from the past, narrating some amusing tales. A temple consisting of Buddhist-era pillars was also recently installed at the entrance to the caves.

To get to the cave one has to climb approximately 150 stairs. Often identified in ancient times as Veluraka, the caves contain a humongous 15-meter pillar alongside

The caves are also known as Caves Karli, Caves Karle or Cells Karla. According to ancient accounts, the caves were of considerable significance to Buddhism’s Mahasamghika sect before being important to Hinduism. 

The caves house a Buddhist monastery allegedly founded there about the 2nd century BC. One may see a major ancient trading path from the Arabian Sea into the Deccan, near the caves running eastwards. This is that the early Buddhists wanted to establish the monasteries along the major trading roads to offer refuge for the wandering merchants. 

The cave complex is a designated site under India’s Archeological Survey, because of its historical importance, hence its one of the top ten places to visit in Lonavala.Read more hidden text

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Places To Visit in Lonavala

Amrutanjan Point

  • Places to visit in lonavala amrutanjan point 1

The Amrutanjan Point is an excellent view point from where one can get a magnificent aerial view of the town Khopoli as well as the Duke’s Nose.It is Located at the beginning of the Khandala Ghat

This is an enjoyable picnic spot owing to it’s pleasant weather, during most of the year and the beautiful surroundings.It offers a bird’s-eye view of the valley and the Mountains. The Amrutanjan Point is still untouched and not marred by commercialization and hence, is quiet and soothing. One can plan a small picnic here and come back relaxed.

It provides a breathtaking view of the places nearby. The point aptly showcases the magnificence of the valley. The Climate is misty and cloudy & pleasant during Monsoon Seasoon. Enjoyable picnic spot owing to it’s pleasant weather and the beautiful surroundings.

The point is on old Mumbai Pune highway, just before Rajmachi Point, while going from Mumbai. You can visit this place at the time of coming back in evening just after watching sunset at sunset point. As it gets dark in late evening you can see twinkling light of Khopoli city from this point. It is worth to spend 10-15 mins at this place.Worth places to visit in Lonavala.Read more hidden text

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